Annual Travel Guide

Fine wine is largely about a sense of place: no other food or drink so thrillingly and transparently reflects its origins, and the sense that it could not have come from anywhere else on Earth is part of what makes it so special.

It is a product of a particular place, often of great cultural importance and outstanding natural beauty — with the addition of Burgundy and Champagne in 2015, 15 wine regions have now been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites — and also of the people who live and work there.

More and more wine lovers around the world have both the ability and the desire to discover the vineyards, meet the winemakers, and sample the wines that never show better than in the place where they were grown.

In the wine regions themselves, more and more producers are recognizing the importance of wine tourism and are welcoming more and more visitors, while hotels and restaurants offer ever wider selections of the region’s top wines, as well as the cuisine that matches them most perfectly.

The travel guide is overseen by the award-winning World of Fine Wine team (Editorial Adviser Hugh Johnson OBE, Contributing Editor Andrew Jefford, Editor Neil Beckett, and Deputy Editor David Williams).

For each country, you will find profiles of each of the major regions, with the best producers and sites to visit identified, as well as what else to see, where to stay, and where to eat, creating a perfect companion and resource for the ever-growing numbers of wine lovers who are following their passion literally back to its roots.