Quotes 2018

“In its fifth year running, and at its first live ceremony, the World Best Wine Lists Awards was honored with the presence of guests from every continent apart from Antarctica. I think that the geographical spread of our top winners speaks volumes for the global spread of fine wine and also for the global scope of these awards”.
Neil Beckett, World of Fine Wine Editor (London)

“We feel honored to be recognized for the fourth consecutive year by such a prestigious and well-respected publication. It continues to be a rewarding experience for us. The World’s wine selection is accumulated and continuously enriched during the Ship’s endless voyage across the globe. We strive to take Residents and Guests on a journey to discover different and destination-inspired wines every time they dine in the restaurants on board. We consider ourselves ambassadors of the various countries, regions and producers we visit and by featuring their wines we tell their story“.
Marinela Ivanova, Beverage Manager at The World (Fort Lauderdale, USA)

"Sometimes people do not believe me when I tell them Pix has won the title of 'Best Champagne and Sparkling Wine List in the World,' perhaps because we don't have white tablecloths and we are not in a big city like New York, Hong Kong or Paris. But, the World of Fine Wine has seen the passion, attention to detail and enormous amount of work that goes into the selection and presentation of our list of 500+ sparkling wines from around the world. To receive this recognition for the fifth year in a row from such an honorable publication almost makes me not believe it myself – until I read our list! Absolutely the highest honor we have ever received. And for that, we say thank you and cheers!"
Cheryl Wakerhauser, Pix Pâtisserie (Portland, USA)

Quotes 2017

“Be authentic. Try to reach into wine consumers’ minds. Not to do a wine list for you, for your ego, but to create a wine list that actually communicates with consumers and is fun. You don’t need to replicate things, you should innovate, do things that surprise and excite the consumers.”
The Yeatman Wine Director Beatriz Machado(Porto, Portugal)

“It’s a long game. Build a list with a vision and stick to it. Let it grow organically and keep it focused on that vision.”
Momofuku Beverage Director Jake Lewis(New York, USA)

“It’s confirmed for me that we have a very unique concept (natural wine and wine book); and that we should showcase it more.”
Restaurant André Operation Director & Head Sommelier Romain Cousot(Singapore)

“I feel that the award gives guests reassurance that they are in a place where they will get taken care of; that the bottle they land on, or we find for them, will be the one that makes their meal that much better.”
Formento’s Wine Director Alex Augustine(Chicago, USA)

“We wanted to share this in a special way with our most loyal regulars. We put together a wine dinner as part of our annual series.”

“Be what you are – if you specialise in something show it off. Don’t dilute the offer to try and broaden the selection.”

Quotes 2016

"We are flattered and humbled frankly. We take a lot of pride in the wine list and the wines by the glass is a snapshot into what the team is interested in so it is humbling to be recognised in this way."
I always think that if you have an interesting by the glass list that is diverse in styles, regions, prices and so on then guests will always want to keep coming back to see what is on offer. Hopefully this award piques the interest of all wine lovers who would love a great place to dine along with an interesting glass of wine.
Richard Healy, Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney (Australia)

"I feel proud – all the hard work that my staff and myself have put in, to be a part of this list and the fact there’s a publication that recognises all the hard work we put together is just awesome and I feel really proud of what we have accomplished."
Cheryl Wakerhauser, Pix Patisserie (United States)

"Our whole wine team at Frasca Food and Wine - Bobby Stuckey, Matthew Mather and Myself are all incredibly humbled and honored to be recognized in this way. We share a great love for wine with our guests each night and hope to continue do so for many years to come. For us, it is less about building a great wine list, but rather just about having thoughtful wines in our restaurant that can appeal to a wide range of our guests while paying homage to our inspiration of Northern Italy and the old world."
Carlin Karr, Frasca (United States)

"We are honoured to be recognised by such a distinguished group of industry insiders. We are a very intimate hotel in Walland, Tennesse, so it’s great to receive such recognition on an international level. It’s very exciting and I am incredibly proud of our entire Blackberry Farm team for their dedication and passion for quality."
Andy Chabot, The Barn at Blackberry Farm (United States)

Quotes 2015

"It’s always fantastic to receive these honors, especially from industry peers who know how hard it is to create such programs."
Mark Bright, Saison (San Francisco)

"Thank you very much! It’s a huge honor to receive such recognition from such a celebrated panel of global wine authorities. We put a huge amount of work and effort into the wine list and program, and such acknowledgement makes those 2am nights of adding wines to the list all the more worthwhile."
Matthew Lamb, Vue de Monde (Australia)

"WOW! What great news and thank you so much! This is a massive privilege; we put so much effort both during working hours and off duty. Passion and hard work always pays off."
Rocco Esposito, Vue de Monde (Australia)

"I’d like to thank the WOFW for recognizing the hard work and dedication of our team. It is always nice to be recognized for the efforts to maintain a list of this size and it can’t be done alone. It’s also a testament to our owner’s dedication and collecting prowess."
Deniz Hardman, Royal Mail (Australia)

"It’s stimulating to know our work is recognized. The team works hard every day to bring the best to our customer’s table and this feature is another thing to be proud of."
Normand Laprise, Toque (Canada)

"This is truly an honor! In the sommelier community, we take great pride in writing wine lists for our restaurants, as an expression of our personal love of specific regions & styles of wine, and as a complement to the cuisine our chefs work at painstakingly to create. To gain this recognition is a great support and affirmation that our work (and fun!) is not going unnoticed by our peers & clientele."
Thomas Pastusak, The NoMad (New York)

"Thank you very much. It’s very humbling to receive such an honor and it is meaningful because it recognizes the hard work of our entire team. Everyone in the restaurant works incredibly hard and it’s wonderful to take moments like this to celebrate, honor, and reflect on what we’ve achieved. I like to encourage our team to take time to look forward as part of this celebration because any award, any accolade we receive is for what we’ve done in the past and we must make sure continue to achieve our best in the future."
Daniel Humm, Eleven Madison Park & The NoMad (New York)

"It's an incredible honor, and on behalf of the beverage team at Momofuku we're very touched to be included this year. Thank you so much!"
Jordan Salcito, Momofuku (New York)

"It feels great to be recognized by experienced professionals who traveled the world and dined in the best restaurants. It gives us a thrill, acknowledges our hard work and encourages us to push further."
Raphael Rodriguez, Fera (London)

"It is always a pleasure of being recognized, especially with this award."
Paul Lo, Robuchon au Dome (China)

"Thank you very much; nice to see that there is interest in highlighting different styles of wine lists."
Mads Kleppe, Noma (Denmark)

"Just fantastic news that the wine list at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has been recognised in this way. The entire team there work tirelessly to deliver the ultimate experience in wine, food and service for all to enjoy. I'm very proud of all of them."
Gordon Ramsay, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (London)

"It is with sincere thanks that we accept Dabbous’ nomination for a Star rating in The World of Fine Wine Awards 2015.It is an honour to be recognised alongside some of the best in the world and by such a prestigious publication’s awards."
Charles Pashby-Taylor, Dabbous (London)

“These exciting new global awards are rapidly becoming as coveted as the Michelin stars.”
Gerard Basset MW MS OBE

“Great chefs get stars; great wine lists get less attention. The World’s Best Wine Lists awards correct the balance – and set a new industry standard. High time? Chapeau!”“The first cultural journal of the wine world”
Hugh Johnson WFW Editorial Adviser and world-renowned wine author

“The World of Fine Wine is by far the best wine magazine in the world”
Tim Atkin MW Wine columnist of The Times

“The best English-language wine journal around”
Mike Steinberger

“The magazine makes my wine life worth living.”
Paul Grieco, wine director of Terroir in New York City