From humble beginnings on East 49th Street to the renowned wine bar, store, auction division, e-commerce site and storage company overlooking Rockerfeller Plaza it is today, Morrell Wine Bar & Café has spent more than 70 years growing their collection, expertise and range to become one of the most respected names in the trade.

Morrell seeks to distinguish itself from the rest, and it certainly succeeds. Evident through their ownership of one of the largest collections of by-the-glass wines in New York City, Morrell are rightly proud of their ability to uncork luxury outside the often-expensive confines of a whole bottle. Never limiting customers to one offering, enthusiasts can also explore the Rare Wine Vault, housing hidden gems and the most sought after labels in the world. Admirable attention is given to local New York State wines, whilst the selection of course also encompasses classics and eclectic choices from around the world.

Winner of the inaugural World’s Best By-the-Glass Wine List in 2014 and 2018, a Jury Prize in 2017, and consistent Three Star Awards year-on-year since the Wine List Awards’ inception, Morrell Wine Bar & Café maintains its deserved place as an essential destination for any connoisseur of fine wine.