Barolo Grill

One of Denver's finest Italian restaurants, Barolo Grill has curated a rare and extensive wine list throughout its 25 years.

With a heavy focus on the foods and wines of Piemonte, the Barolo Grill staff travel to the north of Italy each year to explore authentic food, wine and hospitality to bring back to Denver.

From white truffle dinners to wine-paired tasting menus, fans of Barolo Grill’s cuisine ensure it’s a near-nightly sellout.

The wine program is under the direction of owner and wine director Ryan Fletter (CWE, CMS Advanced Sommelier), while the kitchen continues to strive for an ever-higher level of quality Northern Italian fare, guided by executive chef Darrel Truett.

World’s Best Wine Lists judge Luciana Girotto called it “a treasure for Italian”.