Billy Crews Dining Room

“With 150 pages, it’s more like a book than a wine list!” So says the website at Billy Crew’s Dining Room in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

And while size isn’t everything for the judges at the World’s Best Wine Lists awards, in this case it was hard not to be impressed by the quality on offer among its 3,500 selections.

As befits a restaurant where high-quality steaks form the heart of the menu, a quite remarkable array of vintages from some of the biggest and best names in Californian red wine is the striking centerpiece of the list. But that’s really just the beginning. Between the collection of wines from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, the catholic choice of sparkling wines both within and outside Champagne, and the many affordable and offbeat choices such as a Mexican red from LA Cetto, the list has most bases covered.